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The Invitation – self portrait © Christina G. Smith

My name’s Christina G. Smith. I started my artistic career in 1997 at the age of 13 where I began taking lessons from then local artist, Lee Hammond, in Kansas City. At a young age I was taking commissions from local friends and family, but now work with clients all over the world. I am available for all kinds of collaborations no matter where you are living. Drop me a line, don’t be afraid.

I enjoy many forms of art from acrylic & oil painting, silversmithing, sculpture, watercolors, colored pencils, pottery, photography, web-design, and most everything she can get her hands on.

In August 2007 I moved to France and got married to, Thomas Maillioux. I did not know the language, and was no Francophile. Along with my art I had a part-time job at a bake shop in Paris, France called Sugar Daze. It was run by a fellow American in Paris. There I worked as a cashier, made fondant decorations, and even baked for the store.

Currently, I am running a Patreon campaign and would really like your help. If you can’t pledge all shares are greatly appreciated!

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