That’s right I am a girl after all. I’m not one to wear makeup or do girly things but I have learned several tricks for curly hair. I have that natural curly hair that people seem to envy so much. I can wear it natural or flatten it and it looks fine. But for a huge percent of my life I hated my hair, but now I understand that was because I didn’t understand how to take care of it. When I was young my mom had full control of my hair most of the time. In the mornings getting ready for church she’d put heated curlers in my hair after having brushed it out. Here comes tip number one!

Tip 1: Do not brush your hair

That’s right it sounds crazy but give it a try for a while. You’ll notice a bit improvement in your hair quality. When you brush curly hair you are damaging the actual curls. So, now you are wondering what you are supposed to do if you can’t brush it? When in the shower use your fingers or a very wide tooth comb it’s very easy when you have your conditioner in during a shower.

Tip 2: Use hair conditioners

I’ve tried the method of not shampooing my hair, but only using conditioner, that didn’t work. It was way too oily. I’d suggest either a 2 in 1 then using a separate conditioner at the end as well. When shampooing try to keep it just on your scalp and not the ends. Then when you use a conditioner do just the opposite, keep it on the ends and not so much on your scalp. This is important because curly hair can get super dry very fast. Try not to use the shampoos that strip out the oils in your hair. Once in a while when you have product build up, but not ever time you wash your hair. If you find a product for curly hair use it!

Tip 3: Let your hair air dry

Those difussers on blow dryers are a load of crap. I’ve never seen it work for anyone with naturally curly hair. If you’ve found the perfect way to do it then by all means you can continue when you are in a hurry. But if you plan your showers better you should let your hair air dry to prevent damage. And this does not mean going to sleep with wet hair. Your curls will not be uniform and it will be a rats nest. When getting out of the shower do not put your hair up in a warp above your head, if you want curls. This will ruin their natural curl and you’ll end up with strange spotty curls. Just gently scrunch your wet hair with your towel (or an old t-shirt they are less abrasive on hair) while at the same time bringing it closer up to your skull. This motion motivates the curls to take shape. Make a big claw with your hand and gently bring it up to your hair roots. After a few times you’ll see the difference it makes.

Tip 4: Use a hair frizz taming serum

The one I use is, Schwarzkopf’s Zero Frizz 100% Rescue. I’ve picked it because it gives your almost 3 times the amount for the same price or cheaper than John Frida’s. But use what you like. The whole point is a serum that will tame the areas of your curl that would go frizzy and try to get them into the hair to make the larger curls. This stuff works. Be sure to find products that work for you. After I put in one pump of John Frida’s Frizz-Ease Clearly Defined style-holding gel. It’s the miracle product for my hair, the spray works as well just not as well. These are the best for my hair and if you haven’t tried them I suggest you shop around a little and change products if you’re not happy with what you’ve been using. Remember to try and not use things with alcohol in them because they can dry our your hair.

Tip 5: Don’t touch your hair

Especially when it’s drying or much afterwards. This breaks the curls apart and causes more frizz and less solid spiral curls. I know it’s hard to stop yourself, but you’ll notice a big difference in the quality of your curls if you can keep your hands off it as much as possible.

If you have any tips that work for your hair please share. I’m always up for seeing if there is a better way.

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